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replica Bremont teamed up with MW MICHAEL WONG to launch a special edition MWII Flying Tiger Based on the design of the U-2 series, which was originally developed and inspired by selected elite military squadrons, this new timepiece has an important aviation pedigree. The MWII Flying Tiger combines the brand's iconic vintage "51" lumens, which originally appeared on the limited edition P-51, and heat-treated steel blue hands.

The MW Michael Wong logo is located at 9 o'clock and the Flying Tigers logo is located in the center of the dial. The white five-petal Hong Kong orchid (Bauhinia blakeana) flower, which symbolizes the Hong Kong flag, is located at the end of the canopy at the bottom, and there is a star at the end of the canopy at the top. The design of the watch itself is inspired by a military project commissioned by the Royal Air Force's 100th Squadron, which was the first squadron established for night bombing in 1917 to celebrate their centenary and complement their Hawk T1 jets. . Turn the watch over, and the beautiful automatic movement is displayed through tinted black smoked glass on the back of the display case. MWII Flying Tiger is a special edition of 500, with 3 different barrel colors to choose from: black, blue and bronze.Discount Replica watches

The AVG Flying Tigers is composed of pilots from the United States Army Air Force (USAAC), Navy (USN) and Marine Corps (USMC). Prior to the Pearl Harbor incident, they were recruited under the authorization of President Franklin Roosevelt. The plane flies in Chinese colors but is controlled by the United States. The team consists of three fighter squadrons, each with approximately 30 aircraft. Before the United States entered World War II, the Flying Tigers trained in Myanmar to defend China against the Japanese army. These volunteers are full members of the Chinese Air Force. Although it accepted some civilian volunteers as its headquarters and ground staff, AVG recruited most of its staff from the US military.

When the news of the United States was full of stories of the defeat of the Japanese army, the team demonstrated innovative tactical victories and achieved such remarkable success during the lowest ebb of the war between the United States and the Allies, which gave the United States the hope of ultimately defeating Japan. AVG pilots received official honors and battle awards for destroying 296 enemy aircraft, but only lost 14 pilots in the battle. On July 4, 1942, AVG was disbanded and replaced by the 23rd Fighter Group of the U.S. Army Air Force, which later merged into the U.S. Fourteenth Air Force, with General Chennault serving as the commander.cheap watches for sale

Michael Wong, "In my early flying career, I was able to start the first voluntary flight plan for the children in Hong Kong. I am very interested in the story of the Flying Tigers because they are volunteers, so let the legacy of AVG remain Vitality is the support I am proud of. Likewise, I worked with Bremont before I was happy to advance our story together and launch another great pilot watch.

I was first introduced to Bremont by a good friend, and he kindly gave me a Martin Baker MBII. As an avid watch lover, I am very excited about it. As a pilot, the story and design of this watch immediately caught my attention, and I became a fan of the brand on the spot! Soon after I was introduced to Giles, we certainly shared a passion for aviation. I recently started to develop the MW brand. I didn't waste any opportunity to come up with the idea of ​​cooperation. Giles and Nick accepted it, so the Bremont x MW Heli Chrono was born. Therefore, Giles and Nick then spent some time in Hong Kong, and we flew together in helicopters on all occasions, creating an unforgettable aviation experience. I have always looked forward to meeting them. For many of our pilots in Asia, they are always full of enthusiasm and excitement. I will always thank them and Bremont for injecting vitality into the MW brand. "Review replica watches



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